Dr. Dempster

Baby Brain Organics | Dr. DempsterDr. Dempster believes in living an active, full, and balanced lifestyle. As an avid skier, runner, fly-fisherman, and arctic adventurer - he embraces optimal nutrition to feel great and perform his best. Being a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Dempster is a firm believer that the absolute foundation of optimal health begins with a diet full of high quality, nutrient rich, and organic based foods.

"I was immediately impressed with the exceptional level of quality and integrity put into Baby Brain Organics. The first 10 years of life are vital in the development of a healthy brain and body. Baby Brain Organics provides optimal levels and high quality sources of protein, fiber, and Omega 3's thus providing parents with an easy nutritional solution to help develop healthy young bodies and brilliant minds."