What is the difference between BABY and KIDS

BABY and KIDS are both full of protein, omega-3 and fibre  both amazing for your whole family. Neither taste like anything, so you can sneak it into any meal :)

BABY (babies 6 months 101 years) is great for young digestive systems and contains blueberries for an extra antioxidant boost.

KIDS (1 year 101 years) contains hemp and offers slightly more protein and iron. Both are pure goodness, so you can't go wrong!

Can adults eat Baby Brain Organics?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! Baby Brain Organics is PURE GOODNESS. It's super-healthy for adults and kids. It's also ideal during pregnancy – it's never too early or too late to support healthy brain and body development. Simply add it to any meal or smoothie, or use it in baking. We add it to almost everything our families eat!

What is Baby Brain Organics?

Baby Brain Organics is a mixture of ground seeds, specially designed for healthy brain and body development for children 6 months – 101 years-old. By simply adding 1 tablespoon to your child's meal, you are giving them nutritious building blocks, essential for a healthy body and brilliant mind. Healthy for kids, easy for parents.

Why Organic?

Choose organic products when possible, to decrease your child's exposure to toxic chemicals. The growing brain is at its most vulnerable during the first ten years of life and an organic diet puts a baby less at risk for developing allergies or asthma.

How do I add BABY or KIDS to my child's meal?

It's super-easy – All you do is sprinkle a tablespoon on your kid's meal and just like that – you've made it way more nutritious. For babies just starting solids (approximately 6 months), just stir a tablespoon into their pureed fruit or vegetable once a day. And for older kids (2 years or older), just sprinkle 2 tablespoons into their smoothie, cereal or add it to pancakes, muffins, cookies, hamburgers, meatballs – or anything you can think of! It doesn't taste like anything so you can add it anywhere. It's great for the whole family!

How should BABY and KIDS be stored?

After opening, the bags should be refrigerated.

Why are BABY and KIDS ground?

If parents are adding Baby Brain Organics to their baby's pureed fruit or vegetable, whole seeds can be a choking hazard. Flax seeds are one of the ingredients in Baby Brain Organics. In order for our bodies to absorb the nutrients from flax, it must be ground.

Why can't I buy my own seeds individually and combine them myself?

You can, but Baby Brain Organics is expertly done for you. Baby Brain Organics is specially designed to support your child's healthy body and brain development. Parents are already super-busy. Baby Brain Organics makes it easy to improve the nutritional value of any meal – just sprinkle on a tablespoon of Baby Brain Organics.

Why is the Flax Sprouted?

Sprouting increases the bio-availability of vitamins and minerals – making the seeds more nutritious. As well, sprouting eliminates the issue of phytic acid.