9 Ways to Bond and Relax with Your Child

Parents and children are often at odds with one another. This is a problem that many people experience, but fortunately, there are nine ways to bond and relax with your child so you can find time for each other!

Read together

It can be fun to share a story with your child. Let kids choose a print, digital, or audiobook for the two of you to read together or that you can read aloud.

The content and length of the book aren’t as important as the shared time. Discuss your favorite characters and scenes and how you each might have changed elements of the story.

Break a sweat

Regular exercise reduces stress, plus it can also improve moods and make hearts healthier. Set a normal time to walk, hike, swim, ride bikes, or play sports.

Or take a dance or exercise class together. Let your child choose the activity and keep it fun.

Cook up a good time

Nutritious food fuels our brains and our bodies. Getting kids involved in preparation might even make them excited to sit down to dinner!

Ask your child to help you make a favorite dish or try one of theirs. If they’re too young, hand over some measuring cups and spoons for them to play with while you cut, stir, and taste test.

Plan dates

Ake turns planning monthly dates for just the two of you. Consider events like theater performances, lectures, movies, concerts, and sporting events.

Or try local attractions like farms, museums, and zoos. You can look online for information about free local events.

Arranging and experiencing each other’s plans can feel great for both of you, mainly if you focus on what the other might enjoy. You may need to help your child look for ideas, but the dates will still be unique.

Do good

Volunteering isn’t just great for the community — it’s also suitable for the volunteer. Research proves that volunteering can reduce stress and snuff out risky behaviors like substance abuse and smoking.

Invite your child to help you with a project. You can even make it fun by getting involved in painting or gardening and adding music, games, snacks, or drinks for the kids.

Hit the road

Driving with your child can provide ample opportunity to relax, talk, laugh, sing, and be together. Your child may find it easier to open up in the car, too.

You may or may not have the patience to hear their thoughts on everything from your driving, weather, and favorite music stations. But it’s a time when you can read books aloud, listen to audiobooks together, share stories about what happened at school that day.

Learn to meditate

Meditation can be a powerful tool for both you and your child. Research shows it decreases stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

It can also improve your mood and boost your self-esteem. Choose a method that works best for both of you. You could try a guided meditation or just take time to sit and be still in silence.

Set a serene soundtrack

Are you and your child together during a particularly stressful time of day? It might be the drive home from appointments or the hour between afterschool activities and dinner.

Think about turning on a soothing radio station. Listening to classical or other calming music can reduce negative emotions.

Bust some moves

When you sense you both need it, crank up some tunes and dance. Your child may want to change the music (that’s OK!) or make fun of your moves (again, totally fine!).

Hopefully, your child will join your dance party. Grooving and shaking can release tension in your body and cause severe laugh attacks — and who couldn’t use that?


In 9 Ways to Bond and Relax with Your Child, you’ll find nine ways to relax and bond with your child. 9 Ways to Bond and Relax with Your Child is nine ways to relax, glue, or find some time for yourself.

In 9 Ways to Bond and Relax with Your Child, you’ll find nine ways to relax and bond with your child. 9 Ways to Bond and Relax with Your Child is nine ways to relax, bond, or find some time

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