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Safe Sleep Environment For Baby in 2021

When you have a baby girl, you realize that there is something far more precious than the most precious jewels.
safe sleep

safe sleep

The first step in creating a safe sleep. Environment for your baby is to remove. 

All draperies, blinds, cords. and any other type of dangling object from the crib or bed.

Next you need to place anything. That could be used as an escape tool.

Within arm’s reach of the child. Away from their sleeping space.


Top Tips for safe sleep Wearing for Your Baby

You also want to make sure. There are no holes in mattresses.

Where wires can poke through leading. Them towards danger on either side.

Once all this work has been done. It will then take some time.

Before even considering putting your little. one down safely at night!

  • When you have a baby girl, you realize safe sleep. That there is something far more precious than the most precious jewels.

Cute Baby Quotes

You never know how precious life is until. you have a baby daughter.

It feels like she’s your own little princess.

And that feeling just doesn’t go away even. When she becomes an adult woman. With her own family of children.

When my oldest child was born. I soon realized there are some things far more priceless than jewels.

Or gold in the world; for me it was having a girl. Who became not only my best friend. But also one whom.

 I would trust to take care of others. As well as herself if something ever happened to me ̶ someone.


Whose beauty shines brighter. Than any diamond on earth.

Because all those diamonds don’t sparkle quite like hers does!


Where should a newborn safe sleep?

A newborn should sleep in their own room. But preferably not alone.

Babies are more likely to be startled. By noises and startle themselves awake.

When sleeping on a different surface.

Than they got used to while being held constantly for the first few months of life.

Having another person or soft object nearby will.

Make them feel less scared during.

Those nighttime wakings. That seem inevitable with tiny humans!



I want to share with you a few simple facts. About SIDS and safe sleep.

The acronym stands for sudden infant death.

Syndrome-it’s the leading cause of death in children under one year old.