These Early Signs Tell If Your Baby Is Ready To Play

It is hard to see what an infant is thinking or feeling, which can be a frustrating experience for parents. Some parents feel that

the best way to get around this problem is by outsourcing the task of reading their child’s emotions to technology. However, some early signs might tell you if your baby is ready to play and have fun with toys!

Early Signs of Development

Playing with your baby is one of the best ways to keep them happy and engaged in life. But what are some early signs that your baby is ready to start playing? Here are five things to watch for:

  1. They’re active and move around a lot. Babies who are actively moving around tend to be happier and more content, which is why it’s important to encourage play from an early age. If your baby isn’t moving much yet, don’t worry – they may still be exploring their surroundings and learning about their world.
  2. They are vocal. Babytalk – or talking to your baby in a high-pitched voice – is another hallmark sign that your baby is ready for play. This means that they actively engage with you and are interested in learning new things.
  3. They respond positively to touch. When you touch your baby, they will often reach out and grab hold of your finger or hand. This indicates that they enjoy being touched and want more contact with people – both you and other caregivers in their life.
  4. They love being held on their back or tummy. Bab

When is My Baby Ready to Play?

If you’re pregnant and want to start playing with your baby as soon as possible, here are some early signs they’re ready: 

Your baby is engaging in social smiling – if your baby is starting to smile at people they don’t know, that’s a good sign. Babies who are smiling and interacting with people tend to be more relaxed and comfortable around others.

Your baby is exploring their surroundings – if they are looking around and taking in their environment, they’re probably ready to start playing too.

They might try different objects or explore their environment by touching or picking things up.

What Should I Do After This?

If you’re ready to get your baby moving and playing, here are some early signs you can watch for.


If you’re expecting your first baby, there’s no doubt that you’ll be filled with excitement and anticipation. But before you start flipping through magazines or scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration,

it can be helpful to take a step back and assess your current lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do is evaluate how active your current lifestyle is

—and whether or not it would be appropriate for a pregnant woman to begin engaging in strenuous activity. If you think starting

slowly might make more sense for you and your little one, give these early signs a read and see if they match up with what you’re currently doing.

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