How Your Baby’s Brain is Built Over Time

Brains are tremendously complex, and each one is different, but a few broad areas make up the critical parts of your baby’s brain.

The article discusses some of these building blocks, like how the environment impacts them and how they develop over time.

What is the Brain Process?

The brain is a complex organ that is constantly changing and growing. While babies’ brains are still developing, their ability to think, learn, and process information is phenomenal.

This article will discuss the different areas of the brain as they develop over time and how this affects your baby’s development.

The Parts of the Brain

When your baby is born, they have a lot of neurons (nerve cells) and synapses (connections between them) in their brain.

Over their first year, those numbers slowly decline while new neurons are created. By the time your baby is two years old,

they will have about half as many neurons as when they were born. By the time they’re four years old, their number will be around a tenth of what it was at birth.

During this time, something called “pruning” happens. This is where the brain eliminates connections that are no longer necessary or used. This process helps to keep your baby’s brain healthy and functional.

Your baby’s brain continues to grow and develop until around age twelve. After that, the pruning process slows down, and the number of neurons remains relatively stable until your child reaches adulthood.

Development of Memory and Reasoning

Your baby’s brain is constantly developing over time. In the first few months of life, your baby’s brain is still growing and developing rapidly.

This means that your baby’s brain works very hard to learn and understand everything around them.

One of the ways that your baby’s brain is developing is by creating memories. Your baby’s brain starts creating memories from around six weeks old onwards.

This means that your baby can start to remember things that have happened to them in the past.

Another way your baby’s brain develops is by learning how to reason. Your baby’s brain starts reasoning around twelve weeks old onwards.

This means that your baby can start understanding why things happen and find solutions to problems.

How Your Baby’s Brain Learns, Thinks and Makes New Memories

Your baby’s brain is constantly learning and growing. This process starts very early in your child’s life, as their brain begins to form and grow.

As your baby grows, they learn how to think, remember things, and make new memories. Here are some of the critical milestones that your baby’s brain experiences during development:


  1. Birth to One Month: In the first month of life, your baby’s brain is still developing rapidly. They are learning how to breathe, digest food, move their body, and respond to their environment. Their brain is also increasing and will continue to do so for the first year of life.


  1. One Month to Six Weeks: During this period, your baby’s vision begins to develop, and they start to learn about sounds and touch. Their brains are also increasing and will continue for the first two years of life.


  1. Six Weeks to Eight Weeks: Between six and eight weeks, your baby’s brain is starting to become more organized as they learn about space and objects. They are also able to understand complex concepts such as cause-and-effect. By the end


Your baby’s brain is built over time, like all other mammals’ brains. In the first few months of your baby’s life, his brain increases and makes connections in unexpected places.

By the time your baby is six months old, he has reached his final growth stage and will continue to grow until he reaches two years old. After that point, his brain will continue to develop at a more gradual pace.

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