Top 10 Great Gifts for Babies Under Five

Kids grow up so fast. It is hard to keep up with what they want and need! You can make sure your kids are happy by getting them the best gifts for their age.

This blog post will give ten gift ideas for babies under five. I hope these ten great gift ideas will help you stay on top of things this holiday season!

1. For kids who love to read: A monthly book subscription

Encourage your child’s love of reading with a book club subscription from Bookroo. Recommended for kids from newborn to age 10, Bookroo delivers hand-picked books right to your door every month.

Choose the appropriate club for your particular kid—board books, picture books, or chapter books—and get ready to explore a whole new world of children’s literature. 

2. For kids who are learning to count: A talking cookie jar

Want to raise a math whiz? Start your baby on the path to counting with the Learning Journey Counting Cookie Jar. The adorable red cookie jar comes with ten chocolate chip “cookies” and two different modes of play that introduce counting and numbers (plus, it has a funny little voice).

An excellent choice for babies as young as six months, this cookie jar will keep them laughing—and learning—until about age 2. 

3. For kids who are crawling: Pull-back vehicles 

Many of the toys marketed to pre-walkers are boring, but not this Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles set. What makes these soft cars and trucks so fun is that you can rev up the wheels and race them around the house.

The set includes a school bus, car, fire truck, and police car, and our executive editor TJ Donegan is a fan because they go fast, don’t make a lot of noise, and don’t damage walls or furniture.

4. For kids who are beginning builders: A big bag of giant blocks

blocks is a great way to encourage small motor coordination, but classic wooden blocks can be heavy for little hands. Mega Blocks are made from colorful, lightweight plastic and can be clicked together to build tall towers and other structures.

This set includes 80 blocks—some with curved shapes—as well as a zippered bag for easy clean-up and storage. 

5. For kids who miss the playground: Their very own ball pit

If you’ve spent any time at indoor playgrounds, you know that the ball pit is the hot spot for the toddler set, but it’s also a cesspool of germs.

You can create your very own— less germy—version at home with a Play Tent and Pop-up ball pit. Toddlers and pre-walkers will love exploring the two tunnels, and it comes with a carrying case so you can fold it up and store it when not in use.

One thing worth noting: The balls have to be purchased separately and come in batches of 200. 

6. For toddlers who need a ride: Silly Skaters Unicorn 

If they’re too young for a scooter, but they still want to ride on something, get them an inflatable, roller-skating unicorn!

Toddlers will love cruising along on this toy, especially since it has motion-activated LED wheels that light up as they move. Parents will love that it can be deflated and easily stored when not in use. 

7. For toddlers who are sporty: An indoor bowling set

The long winter months can be torture for kids who prefer life on the sports field. Keep your tiny sports fan entertained during snow days with an Indoor Bowling Set.

The pins and ball are made out of rubber, so you won’t have to suffer through the cacophony of crashing bowling pins, and it comes with a pin set-up template as well as a see-through plastic backpack so the game can easily be transported out to the lawn once the weather turns.  

8. For tiny gardeners: Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen

Every kid should have a play kitchen, and Fisher-Price is taking it to the next level this year with one that also includes a pretend garden.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love “planting” their garden, gathering eggs, and mixing up smoothies in the kitchen—all while they learn important concepts like numbers, shapes, and the alphabet. 

9. For busy toddlers: A Lovevery Play Kit subscription

Looking for the perfect gift for the toddler in your life? Look no further than Lovevery Play Kits. The famous baby brand makes fantastic subscription kits for little ones, and it’s full of high-quality toys that are sure to engage any toddler’s senses. Wonder.

This kit includes ten toys that promote early literacy, numeracy, and cooking skills. The best part? It’s designed to get more challenging as your child gets older, so they’ll never outgrow it!

10. For better imaginative play: A 3-D play carpet 

No space for a train table? Get them a 3-D play carpet instead! Designed by an architect (a mom), the colorful rugs come in five different designs—mini-city, beach house, farm, playhouse, and traffic—and four different sizes.

Kids will love steering the wooden vehicles through the streets, and parents will love that the carpets can be rolled up and stored when not in use. 


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For 10 Great Gifts for Babies Under Five, the following steps are to review and edit your content, then publish it on the blog or a social media account of your choice. More information can be found in our help center: 10 Steps to Creating Your First Blog Post.

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